EdTech Posse 9.2 – Music, Mathematics and Meaning

After the recent rebroadcast of our first conversation with Ewan McIntosh, here’s a more recent conversation with our favourite Scot. Ewan was in Saskatoon to speak at IT Summit 2013, and Dean and I sat down to chat with him about many topics educational. But I’m not sure if technology was mentioned at all – what does that tell ya?

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Blast from the past – 5 Canadians and a Scot walk into a bar …

Yep. We’re still here.

There’s a podcast coming up here, but before that I wanted to mention that it has been noted to me that all the links for our podcasts are currently messed up. I am going to get the links working on the site but old links on other sites might still be broken. Such is the way of the Internet.

Now on to the podcast. This is actually an old podcast from 2008 — yes, we’re doing re-runs now.  A number of us were in Moose Jaw in August to meet and listen to Ewan McIntosh. We have a new podcast with Ewan coming, but I’m going to put this out first – maybe it’ll make us sound older and wiser now by comparison.

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EdTech Posse 9.1 – Rob rides alone

Schedules were difficult to coordinate – Dean and Alec were travelling across the country and around the globe, Rick and Heather were busy with work – but I still wanted to get a podcast out so, in a return to my podcasting roots, this episode is just me flying solo and rambling on to myself about teaching computer literacy 9, Scratch, Computer Science and computational thinking and my upcoming presentation about tech tools for the classroom.


I hope you enjoy my ranting and raving.

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EdTech Posse Podcast 8.1 – Bring your own camera

Rob is working on a iphoneography project with some grade 9 students, for both photography and videography. How does this integrate with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to getting technology into the hands of students?

Listen carefully to learn the details regarding how to win one of the coveted EdTech Posse mugs.


More Edtech Posse Mugs


Enjoy the show! EdTech Posse 8.1 – Bring Your Own Camera
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EdTech Posse 7.2 – Dean Shareski 106 radio

It’s the Shareski episode. We talk with Dean’s daughter about her ePub Science project infusing music in the classroom, as well as Dean’s new position with DEN.

This episode was live streamed on ds106radio. We want to thank many members of the ds106radio community for their support and hand-holding as we made our first foray into being part of the ds106radio experience.


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EdTech Posse Podcast 7.1 – Civility disobedience

Show notes to follow. Enjoy the show!

EdTech Posse Podcast 7.1 – Civility disobedience

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EdTech Posse Podcast 6.4 – Drill down baby, drill!

Show notes:

School reform: The “Waiting for Superman” media circus

Technology issues for post-secondary faculty (informal research for Alec’s discussion with University of Regina faculty)

We can haz prizes?

Thanks to edublogs (especially Sue Waters) for sponsoring the prize for the show. Listen to the show for details on how you can win.

Creative commons music

Opening theme: Creative Commons License nervoso con las guitarras by norelpref is licensed under a Attribution Noncommercial

Closing theme:Creative Commons License (©urve) Music LatinSaint Style by LatinSaint is licensed under a Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

Enjoy the show: Drill down baby, drill!

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EdTech Posse 6.3 – ISTE preconference chat

Rob and Dean have an ISTE proconference chat. We also discussed Dean’s iPad, packet shaping and what makes the perfect storm for educational technology leadership.


Ideas for upcoming shows

What do you think we should be talking about? Send us your ideas in the official EdTech Posse Podcast topic suggestion form http://bit.ly/dmaPLf (and you can see suggestions made so far at http://bit.ly/arxg1O)

Enjoy the show!

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EdTech Posse 6.2 – The tiny stateroom

EdTech Posse 6.2 – The tiny stateroom

The show felt a little like the crowded cabin sketch from A Night at the Opera.


The conversation started small with just Heather Ross and Rob Wall (who apparently enjoys writing about himself in the third person) talking mostly about the glorious gold medal victory of the Canadian women’s hockey team at the 2010 Olympics. Dean Shareski came onboard and described the Powerful Learning Practice professional development opportunity. Rick Schwier joined us as we were winding up that topic and starting to promote the TLt and IT Summit educational technology conferences that will be happening in Saskatoon in May. Alec Couros joined us and we wrapped up our conversation by talking about implementing a one to one laptop program (as is currently being considered by the Living Sky School Division).

Some other links:

Enjoy the show!

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EdTech Posse Podcast 6.1 – No tech after 5 p.m.

We’re back with our first podcast of 2010 – EdTech Posse Podcast 6.1 – No tech after 5 p.m.

Mike Wesch presented at the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina earlier this week. We discussed his presentations and reflected on some of the changes that might result from educators becoming aware of his work/message.

Some notes:

Prognostications for 2010:

  • Rick – reinvestment of classroom video capture (we’re not in favour of this due to it’s reinforcement of traditional classroom models)
  • Dean – advocacy/adoption of interactive whiteboards in classrooms (we have some of the same concerns about this as above)
  • Rob – mobile technology (netbooks, the mythological Apple Tablet)

Promote/plug (things we think you might be interested in):

Finally, Rob wants to thank Paul Wood for saying hi to his kids via Skype, and Alan Levine for being The Boy™’s first twitter buddy.

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