EdTech Posse 6.2 – The tiny stateroom

EdTech Posse 6.2 – The tiny stateroom

The show felt a little like the crowded cabin sketch from A Night at the Opera.


The conversation started small with just Heather Ross and Rob Wall (who apparently enjoys writing about himself in the third person) talking mostly about the glorious gold medal victory of the Canadian women’s hockey team at the 2010 Olympics. Dean Shareski came onboard and described the Powerful Learning Practice professional development opportunity. Rick Schwier joined us as we were winding up that topic and starting to promote the TLt and IT Summit educational technology conferences that will be happening in Saskatoon in May. Alec Couros joined us and we wrapped up our conversation by talking about implementing a one to one laptop program (as is currently being considered by the Living Sky School Division).

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Enjoy the show!

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  1. Greg Padberg says:

    I feel I must comment on the topic of caching and youtube in your latest podcast (~60 minutes in). I feel qualified to respond because I built and maintain the internet web caching proxy for Sun West School Division. Caching will not typically reduce the web traffic by 75 or 80% stated.

    Youtube servers specify to not cache their content by default, but there are various workarounds available. However if youtube content could be easily cached, I am not sure if there would be much benefit due to the “long tail effect”, i.e. having such a variety of content that very little of it gets accessed repeatedly and thus fetched from the cache.

    FYI,our internet web caching proxy stats from last week (provided by Calamaris proxy log analyzer):
    29.65% of the web proxy traffic was used for accessing youtube
    18% bandwidth savings due to caching (32027MB of 172GB total bandwidth)
    15% average speed increase due to caching

    Sun West School Division has one large web caching proxy (Ubuntu 8.04 Server + Squid3), we also use the SquidGuard URL rewriter to strictly enforce “safe search” for all Google, Bing, and Yahoo queries.
    I will be providing more detailed info in my presentation “Sun West School Division Network Overview” at the iT summit 2010 May 3 (same time as Dean Shareski’s session).

    Greg Padberg
    Computer / Network Technician
    Sun West School Division

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